Who, What, and Why?

While we are normally involved in web development and print materials as a regular "job",  it's our love for the Lord, for His local churches and ministries that really drives our interests and lives.  More and more we have seen the potential for our churches to use these mediums as a way to shine the light of Jesus Christ around our communities and the world. 

So many times it seems that one or two people in a local church have seen the need for a website and have been left with the job of making it happen because the internet has been such a scary unknown to a lot of people. We realize, too, that Christians are among the busiest people out there, balancing their normal daily lives with so many church activities and ministry-related service. Doing the Lord's work is the most honorable calling and so, rather than burden the believers with having to be designers or programmers just to have an active website, we have made having a website easy in order to relieve and assist with the Lord's work.

Don't let the thought of having a great looking, easily updated website overwhelm you.  We really do want to equip you and save you time and energy.  Please take the time to view our demo and read some articles about church websites.  For those of you who were trailblazers back in 1996, you already know the value of a website.  Now it's time to bring it into this era.  No more flying doves or pastels! :)  (Unless you just love pastels, in which case we have a color scheme just for you!)

Providing church websites, creative website designs, an easy-to-use website manager for evangelical churches, camps and ministries.

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